Survey reveals British holidaymaker habits

Excuse me for thinking that one of the main reasons we go on holiday is to escape the great British weather and get some guaranteed warmth, so why oh why do we complain about the weather being too hot when we’re there.

A recent survey of almost 2,000 British holidaymakers’ habits found that us Brits will consume 56 alcoholic drinks, have four rows, pick up four local phrases and moan about being too hot eight times, all in the space of a two-week holiday.

According to the survey conducted for car hire company, we spend an average of £1,863 on booking our holiday – flights, accommodation and spending money – and travel almost 2,500 to find our perfect destination.

If it’s so perfect, why do we then spend around 35 hours glued to our mobiles, iPads and laptops? And that’s without checking and updating our social media accounts, which accounts for 1.6 hours per day!

Although we complain about it being too hot, a third of those surveyed sunbathe for three hours per day, with the typical sunbather getting to the sun bed by 10am.

A spokesperson for said: “Our survey has uncovered some really interesting insights into the way Brits now spend time on holiday.

“With the rise in popularity of documenting experiences via social media, it comes as no shock that we now spend so long online on our holiday.

“However, we were surprised to see from the research that Brits have four bust-ups on average with partners or family members .”

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