Mobile phones abroad survey

Do you use your phone abroad, or do the expensive roaming charges put you off?

I have to confess that I’m of the generation that remembers the times before mobile phones; the generation that laughed at first mobile phones – the house-brick sized contraptions that you had to carry around like shoulder bags – and heaven forbid your phone rang in the pub, as the whole place would roar with laughter. Hey, most of us thought in would never catch on ☺

Nowadays, I’m rather attached to my mobile, in fact, I go everywhere with it. It’s my calendar, my alarm clock and, of course, my contact with the world.

Yes, I take mine on holiday and curse as it chews up money, but it seems I’m not alone. In a recent survey it was revealed that 78 per cent of British travellers use their mobile phones while on holiday, even though they’re concerned about how much it’s costing them.

In a poll of 2,000 UK consumers conducted for AeroMobile, 62 per cent said they use their mobiles to keep in touch via text messages when abroad, although only 13 percent check their social media sites.

Just less than 20 per cent of people browse the Internet on their phones while abroad.

Although men are more likely than women to browse the internet, when it comes to leaving their phones at home when they go on holiday, it’s the men (26%) who are more likely to, compared to only 16% of women – maybe this has something to do with safety concerns?

It’s probably something to do with growing up without mobile phones that means that the older generation are less likely to travel without their mobiles – almost 30% of over 55s don’t take their mobiles abroad, compared to just 13% of 25-34 year olds.

What about you?
Do you travel with your mobile phone, and how do you feel about the high cost of roaming charges? Lets us know below.

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